HigherEchelon is currently performing work for the Software Engineering Directorate's Army Game Studio (AGS). AGS is a recognized leader in development of virtual, interactive, and multimedia systems for outreach, education, simulation, and training. HigherEchelon supports AGS by using commercial video game technology to develop software and systems. The studio includes an Art Team (Concept Art, 3D Modeling, and Animation), Game/Level Design Team, Programming Team, and Hardware Team to provide complete life cycle system support. Our team has extensive product development capabilities for website, mobile applications, Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI), server management, file distribution, and databases (metrics collection and authentication).

HigherEchelon supports AGS with managing the development and deployment of America’s Army and GoArmy Edge Sports Applications. In addition, our team has worked on serious game applications include the Transportable, Reconfigurable, Integrated Crew Trainer (TRICT), Javelin Enhanced Producibility Basic Skills Trainer (EPBST), Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Virtual Crew and Dismount Trainers (NBC Dismount), and the Common Remotely Operated Weapons Station Trainers (CROWS). Search Army Game Studio on the iTunes App Store or Google Play to download free Army apps like Career Navigator, America’s Army Comics, and Army STARS: Elements - winner of three awards at the Serious Games Challenge at I/ITSEC 2016.

HigherEchelon has a strong software development team with experience developing vehicles, weapons, characters, interfaces and other game related content utilizing Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 and 4, Unity 4 and 5, and Bohemia Interactive’s VBS 2 and 3 gaming engines. HigherEchelon uses an agile scrum development process involving programmers, game designers, and artists working closely together on the implementation of new features for existing and new FPS style games and games for training applications.