Our flagship program, the Resilient and Adaptable Leader©, is designed to serve as the foundation to your organization’s strategic objectives and leadership goals. The RAL© program begins with modules focused on the competencies necessary to lead oneself: self-awareness, self-evaluation, self-motivation, and self-regulation. Our program is different from many in that instead of focusing on process, we focus on performance—which ultimately drives business results. Our goal is to help people and organizations perform at a higher level and optimize results, and we believe it all starts with human performance. RAL© integrates principles of organizational/ performance psychology with process improvement methodologies to focus on the mental and emotional components of leadership.

The course provides an opportunity for leaders to collaborate under the direction of highly skilled Ph.D.—level instructors. The customizable curriculum includes approaches to resolving conflict, performing the functions of a manager, practicing various decision making styles, motivating the work force, and negotiating solutions laterally, upwards and downwards in the organization. HigherEchelon has supported both government and private clients with mental skills education and training by delivering our programs to meet the specifics needs of our clients. The Resilient and Adaptable Leader© was co-developed by the former Director of the Center for Enhanced Performance at West Point, and the former Director of the Air Force Smart Operations Program.

If you want a responsive, highly capable, and affordable company to address any phase of your organizational performance or leadership needs, contact HigherEchelon. View detailed Resilient and Adaptable Leader© Applications and Pricing below.