HigherEchelon believes that high-performance starts with self-awareness. Our coaches work closely with you and your leaders on a range of fundamental behaviors to develop new leaders or assist seasoned leaders in increasing their effectiveness. Having a coach is helpful, but having a coach that assists in understanding and implementing consistent, effective behaviors is invaluable. Our coaches work with your leaders on self-efficacy, energy management, self-motivation, empathy, and the leader's ability to manage relationships.

We've found that improving performance behaviors in three areas - task-oriented (efficiencies), change-oriented (adaptation), and relations-oriented (human capital) - improves organizational effectiveness. Consistency in these three areas improves team-work and the ability for the organization to naturally create innovative solutions to complex problems. Our coaching develops flexible leaders with the ability to understand and change their own styles, techniques, or processes to improve group performance.

HigherEchelon provides personalized coaching to help develop self-awareness, self-regulation, and consistent leader skills necessary to be resilient, adaptable, and meet the challenges of the complex world today. Our coaching includes HeartMath© heart rate variability training to provide effective, real-time feedback.

Contact us to talk through your requirements and determine the most effective way to implement executive coaching in your organization.