The pace of change affecting organizations continues to increase based on numerous factors including globalization, rapid technology growth, changing cultural values, and social networking. This rapid change requires resilient and adaptable business leaders to ensure effective business operations and growth. Effective assessments, mentoring, coaching, and resilience training improves a leader's ability to perform in today’s complex environments while increasing their leadership competencies. Our customers have benefitted from our training through improved motivation, enhanced service delivery, lower attrition rates, increased efficiency, and innovation.

We currently work with industry-leading companies that develop individual and group assessments, then provide the benefit to our customers. We work with Cognitive Behavioral Assessments (CBA), individual and organizational 360-degree assessments (U.S. Army Multi-Source Assessment and Feedback), Myers-Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI), and others. HigherEchelon is teamed with Applied Skills & Knowledge which developed the Cognitive Behavioral Assessment (CBA) that measures 10 social-cognitive, or mental skills (i.e., challenging goals, improvement and growth goals, specific goals, personal control, task confidence, personal and ethical standards, self-awareness and feedback, work standards, control of emotions, and maintaining task focus) in 8 leadership situations: teamwork, communication and networking, work-life balance, innovation, business acumen, quality focus, customer focus, and project management.

Our professionals work with you to research and/or develop the most effective assessment based on your goals and strategy. Our trainers assist in implementing the right assessment that is aligned with your company's culture, leader-development needs, performance evaluation system, and timeline. We currently help organizations implement assessments covering the following areas: advanced goal setting, effective thinking, energy management, situational and self-awareness, visualization, change management, and organizational performance.

Contact us today to help you determine the right assessment at the right time to improve your organizational performance.