Leader development is important for any organization, and a critical component to the overall program is training and education. At HigherEchelon, we work with organizations to educate and train leaders in order to optimize performance. The modern work environment requires leaders to understand the nature of staff work, how to communicate, and navigate the complexities of managing cross-functional teams. Accordingly, HigherEchelon takes a customized approach for each client based on the technical requirements of the job, offering expertise in curriculum development and delivery of instruction.

Our approach to training and education includes:

  • Designing curriculum with learning outcomes that impact performance
  • Delivery using an experiential learning model appropriate for adult education
  • Seasoned instructors who are experts and industry thought leaders

HigherEchelon delivers its training through a unique and proven combination of instruction, skills-training and practice (through real-life application). The instruction provides basic knowledge of human performance skills that drive mindfulness. Team members then apply this knowledge in relevant organizational case scenarios while using advanced biofeedback technology. This technology provides immediate feedback of a team member’s ability to perform the skills, and it allows the HigherEchelon subject matter expert to customize training.

Some examples of our work include: