Point of Contact

Mark C. Bartholf is a Deputy Program Manager at HigherEchelon. Based out of Huntsville, Alabama, Mark oversees two of HigherEchelon’s programs - Army Multi-Source Assessment and Feedback (MSAF) Coaching program and the Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Benefits Administration Executive Leadership Coaching and Training program. Mark is a Special Forces Officer in the United States Army Reserves with experience spanning 29 years in operational, training, and joint staff positions. His corporate experience includes information technology development/deployment, financial services, contract administration, and as a small-business owner. Mark is a 1987 graduate of the Virginia Military Institute where he earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in English. Mark also earned a Master’s in Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, PA and completed the National Defense University Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk, VA.

What is MSAF?

The MSAF 360 program promotes lifelong learning and is a key component in the Army's deliberate, continuous, and progressive process of leader development. It provides Army leaders a feedback report to develop self-awareness across the behaviors expected of an effective leader. There are three 360-degree surveys (Leader360, Unit360, and Commander360) and three self-assessments (Leader Behavioral Scale (LBS), Individual ADAPTability Measure (I ADAPT M), and Team Personality). MSAF surveys are based on the U.S. Army Attributes and Competencies from Army Doctrinal Publications 6-22 Army Leadership and Leader Development.

Our Services

HigherEchelon provides training and coaching for leaders and organizations in leadership and leader development. As the prime contractor for the MSAF360 Coaching contract we’ve coached hundreds of Army leaders in developing self-awareness and organizational leader development programs. Our coaches assist in interpreting the feedback and work with individual and organizational leaders to develop and implement developmental plans. Our background in performance psychology and resilience along with experience across a wide breadth of assessments, provides our customers tremendous insight and effective techniques for improved performance.